Bluetooth Calling in the Car
We need to narrow down which bits are and aren't working here, and which Bluetooth profiles and versions they're related to. There's a good chance we're missing support for the phone end of some profiles as so far most linux development is on the desktop end, connecting to the phone, rather than the other way around.

Music playback uses A2DP for the audio transfer, and should be pretty solid.
AVRCP covers the remote control of media playback, with capabilities depending on the version.
The Headset Profile (HSP) and Hands Free Profile (HFP) may both be implemented by cars and headsets. HSP is pretty minimal (audio, ring, answer/hangup, volume) while HFP is more capable, again with more capabilities added in later versions.
Phonebook Access Profile - I suspect we don't have an implementation of the server side of this.

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