How to disable lock screen in Phosh?
I'd like to completely disable the lock screen in Phosh - I strongly prefer not having to type in my password to start using the phone.  I'd expect to have this option in user settings, but it's not there (yet?).  What would be a proper way to disable lock screen?

The only idea (and probably not a good one) that came to my mind is to create a passwordless user.  I've attempted to do it and failed.  I copied the sha512 hash of the empty password into /etc/shadow.  It didn't work as evidenced by my inability to ssh into PinePhone from computer using empty password.  I tried it on different distros, and in the case of Mobian my attempts even rendered the install unrecoverable (I wonder why), even after restoring the original /etc/shadow that I had backed up previously.

Thanks for any input on this issue!

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How to disable lock screen in Phosh? - by lat - 12-20-2020, 08:50 AM
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