unable to make or receive calls
(12-18-2020, 11:45 PM)jba32409 Wrote: I just received the Pine phone Manjaro ARM and everything seems to be working great but I cannot make or receive calls.
I installed Ubuntu Touch and that even worked better but still unable to receive or make calls.

I've notice the carrier will detect 311480 not sure why this is. I'm in Hawaii.
a few times it will show Verizon but just briefly then goes back to 311480
If I change it to 3g or 2g i get nothing at all.
I have tried every setting i can find and still no go.
Verizon said it is connected and should be fine.
i should just dial *73 but this just fails also.

if I call the number it just goes right in to the mail box has not been setup yet.

Anyone have any ideas.

Verizon uses 4g VoLTE only. 2g/3g will not work. 311480 is a Verizon LTE tower. Mine is on Verizon via US Mobile and connects to that. Search the forum for Verizon. There is a set up procedure you must do when using Verizon directly. On US Mobile it just works.

Also make sure you've updated your OS to current. If that doesn't work then your modem firmware may need to upgraded to current. Also in the forum. Mobian and Manjaro phosh works with Verizon. Ubuntu Touch will not because of an unresolved Ofono problem.

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