DietPi OS for PINE H64
[Image: dietpi-logo_192x192.png]

DietPi is an extremely lightweight Debian-based OS. It is highly optimised for minimal CPU and RAM resource usage, ensuring your PINE H64 always runs at its maximum potential.

Use dietpi-software to quick and easy install Ready to Run & Optimised applications for your system. DietPi will do all the necessary configurations, including starting the services.

DietPi images are available for PINE A64PINE H64PinebookROCK64 and ROCKPro64.

Our PINE64 images are based on the great kernel and firmware, developed by Armbian. However, if you face any issues, please contact us via forum or GitHub issue first.

Download images:
GitHub repository:

DietPi is a free and open-source project. We are be happy if you consider to contribute or donate:
Consider to share your donation between DietPi and Armbian.

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