Getting the Idea to Stick! (Ideation Marketing)
Admittingly, the camera of the Pinephone really is terrible.
The default Gnome app doesn't boot up at all since the first time I applied updates, and the "Megapixel" app doesn't seem to store photos it takes anywhere (and the preview shows how bad the camera is).

I don't think that neither Pinephone nor Librem 5 (nor Fairphone to add this one in) would sell to the masses.
The masses care about the amount of mega pixels each camera has (because they can't just get a 38,000 yen GoPro), whether there's a FeliCa chip (because apparently a dedicated IC card is no longer cool), all the apps they use on Android and iOS (because open source alternatives are apparently for the peasants), whether it has 5G (despite of both health and privacy risks), and a design that is as thin as paper and screens almost entirely flowing out of the phone (forget about being able to replace the battery, that's so old fashioned).
Pinephone has none of that.

Freedom of doing whatever you want, not having big brother watching you at all times, and ablility to use for longer than 2 years max (which Pinephone is strong at) is generally an after thought.
And I think it should stay that way.
We've seen so many times how as soon as something becomes mainstream, it all ends up becoming a failure, it all ends up with government interference, it all ends up in cooperate greed.

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