Managing cpu voltage and clock speeds question.
I used to be a tinkerer of my Android phones for long time and being an arm device I thought this would be similar. In Android I used an app called Tasker and would create a task with shell commands to change my gov and clock speeds, I guess this would be like cron jobs or similar for the Linux community out there. When I search  how to do this in Manjaro, a lot of other forums suggest to use the Manjaro Setting Manager. Though there isn't a kernel setting within this manager which makes me think it's handled differently on a non arm Manjaro dist. I tried searching the pine forums but with no success. How does one change the voltage and clock speeds of the cpus in Manjaro arm for our pb pros?

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Managing cpu voltage and clock speeds question. - by FeMike - 12-11-2020, 04:40 AM

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