Pinebook Pro Dock Power Requirements
(12-06-2020, 04:54 PM)KC9UDX Wrote: The PBP currently (pun?) only draws about 2.5A from the USB-C connector in any case.  Except for future modifications, more than 15W won't do any good.  Reports are that it draws closer to 3A from the barrel jack; and the power circuitry would need a major redesign to accept more than that.

Actually, I was referring to the dock being poorly designed from the standpoint of getting the PineBook Pro modified to take and use more input power.  We'll get it there eventually, Smile so having an inferior dock would be sad.

The BQ24171 chip inside the PineBook Pro is configured to pull less power from the Type-C port, compared to what it is configured to pull from the barrel jack.  Unfortunately, all that is configured using SMT resistors on the PCB, which makes any modifications rather inconvenient.

(12-11-2020, 03:30 AM)xyzzy Wrote: I don't think it would be a major redesign.  The main power supply, a BQ24171, is rated to 17V.  It should be possible to get 45W with 15V-3A over USB-C with only minor changes to a few components.

Right, it should not be overly complicated as a modification, and using 3 A at 9 V from the Type-C port should be the easiest option.  All that is already on my to-do list.

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