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PineBook Pro revision 2.2: Wishlist for the hardware issue fixes

First of all, huge thanks to Pine64 for making the PineBook Pro in the first place.  It's a nice device, but certain hardware issues prevent it from becoming really usable and more widespread.  Also, huge thanks to the members of the community for creating the software support, i.e., Linux distributions and support in the Linux kernel.

My idea for this thread is to serve as a central point for listing all well-known major hardware issues discovered in the revision 2.1 of the PineBook Pro, with the intention of having those issues resolved in the next revision of PineBook Pro.  In addition, the poll should show how much interest is out there for the revision 2.2, which would include the hardware fixes and small improvements.

The list of well-known major hardware issues, as of May 24, 2021, is as follows:

1. Overheating of the battery charging IC, TI BQ24171 – see also this thread
2. Broken sensing of the DC/charger input for the RK808 PMIC
3. Weak power supply circuitry and no use of available USB Type-C features
4. Heaphones detection circuitry needs to be reworked
5. Weird crackling/popping noises coming out of the built-in speakers – for now, there is a software workaround
6. Crosstalk between the audio output and the serial console
7. The touchpad is "laggy" or "jumpy" on the initial finger movement – see here, here and here for the firmware workarounds

The above-linked forum threads and posts provide further information about each issue.  The link provided for the above-listed issue #6 leads to an external website, because I've been unable to find the same information in already existing forum threads. 

Regarding the above-listed issue #7, the conclusion of the community is that it is actually an issue in the trackpad firmware and, possibly, in the keyboard firmware.  The issue has been included in this list because of the proprietary nature of the trackpad and keyboard firmware.

Please, comment and vote!

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