SSH over USB
(01-02-2021, 09:32 PM)3x5co Wrote: OK I think I have SSH working after all. I just needed to get the IP of the phone when it's over USB. However, my IPv4 sharing isn't working. I see a solution on the wiki, but it's complicated and involves manual modification to both the phone and my computer. Knowing it worked out of the box before, I'm hoping someone can help me with this piece.

Unless I am very much mistaken the wiki is superseded. On the assumption you want to share your PinePhone mobile internet connection with the device at the other end of the USB cable then it is (now) much easier.

On Mobian (I am running Arch for today - can swap back if this goes wrong) plug USB-C into your PP and the other end into your Ubuntu desktop. I think (not 100% certain) it should just work, if not open a terminal session both on the PP and the desktop.
ip a
in both terminals will show you what devices are active for networking - on both ends you are looking for something USB-like and for sure if there is nothing on the PP then there will be nothing on the desktop.

If you have something promising on the desktop end then you may need to reboot the desktop after disconnecting all other internet options - a while back when I was playing it seemed my desktop would get a fixation about the ethernet connection and not bother trying the USB. (I am in no doubt there is an elegant way somewhere to sort this with priorities but ...)

If you have nothing on the desktop but the PP looks promising then try
in the PP terminal. Go to "Edit a connection", select the USB like connection and change its IPv4 configuration from Automatic to Shared.

{As above I am writing this without Mobian in front of me - if things seem a little garble that is my excuse :-) If you still have problems yell and I can fir Mobian!}
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