After KS sales (16x boards) has yet to ship
(06-09-2016, 09:32 AM)avinashga23 Wrote:
(06-08-2016, 03:44 PM)pineresearch Wrote: So in summary: I'm right, you're wrong, and you've come to realize that montero? I'm glad we've reached an agreement.

If i am right, you need Pine64 for your research work..... Even i have ordered 4 Pine64-2GB boards for one important project way back in February, but not yet received a word from Pine 64. The wait post May proved very costly for me, so i have ordered and got OrangePI Plus 2 Boards and continuing with my work.

I hope Pine team understand the pain of the buyers.

Sorry about the pain that we cause. We are in the final stage to clear out the shipment on next two weeks, if you need your boards urgently, please PM me.

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