New Clusterboard Setup
(11-30-2020, 06:51 AM)poVoq Wrote: Did you try installing the ceramic resistor that comes with the clusterboard?

It wasn't needed for me, but I use a pico PSU. I also just shorted the power switch connector with a small piece of thick copper wire wedged in between the two pins. Works great Undecided

Not sure I need the ceramic Resistor, because that is to create a dummy load. Right now, it looks like the I need the power switch connected to actually have an the Power supply think it is on.  On this particular power supply, it isnt as easy to just "snip the green power wire and connect it to a black ground" as a power on switch, because, well all of the cables are actually black. And since I can't seem time find the actual pin out to short "The Green lead", I have ordered a JST PH 2 Pin connector and will hardwire a latching switch to it. And then connect that to the clusterboard at point "O" labeled -> ATX PS_ON 2-pin JST connector on the clusterboard diagram.

Couple of days and all of the parts will be here. All of my searching locally and in my parts bin didnt turn up one 2 Pin JST connector I could re-purpose. I also ordered an ATX Jumper Cable to make sure I get the pin outs correct to test if the Ceramic Resistor is needed. In the end I feel like adding the Power Switch to connection "o" is going to be cleaner and still let me use all of the Molex plugs for powering other things inside the case.

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