New Clusterboard Setup
So I am trying to get a new clusterboard up and running and want to use an ATX power supply as the main power source.  So I got a EVGA 450 W3 power supply. Got the board installed into a ThermalTake Core V1 case. Power Supply is hooked up and no juice. Flicking the power supply to the on position give me nothing. Not even a hint that the fan on the PSU spun.

I am assuming that my issue now is that I need a J2 Power switch and short that to an ON position; however, I thought I would ask if anyone else is using a regular ATX Power supply  instead of a Pico one. I want to also use the Molex connections to power some fans in the case and some other converted electronics projects.

PSU Spec Sheet

My second question is, what J2 Custom Options have you guys been using to power on the ATX Power Supply as a Switch?

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