How To Lay Hands on a True 64-bit Debian Install?
(11-29-2020, 02:05 PM)vandys Wrote: I'm a little but befuddled.  Debian claims to have "support" for the RockPro64, but various installs of their images either hang in the middle of booting, or make some indecipherable statement about kernel modules.

MrFixIt's minimal image boots and looks GREAT.  But it's armhf, and I really need MongoDB on the machine.

A Devuan arm64 install img would be fantastic!  Or how I can I put together a Debian boot image which actually works (and is 64-bit)?

Most OS's mentioned here don't make it clear if they're armhf or aarch64, and it's pretty tedious to be pulling and burning entire install images just to find out.

Andy Valencia

 Have you tried this --> it helped me getting Debian to work on my Rock64 boards and they work fine and it's full aarch64 no armhf at all.

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