Delivery date. Very rough estimate will do :)
Sorry if i've missed this in any of the stickies. I was just wondering if there's somewhere i can check on the progress of delivery of my pinephone? When i ordered it (21st Nov, and i'm in the UK), I wasn't given a courier option like i've seen some people talk about on here, nor was i given any kind of reference number for the order, just an email that the order is being processed.  I'm not demanding 'where is my pinephone' or anything like that (i'm a very patient bloke Smile ), just asking if there's anyway i can see updates and stuff like that?
Once again, apologies if this is in a sticky post somewhere and i've not noticed it.

Many thanks,

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Delivery date. Very rough estimate will do :) - by xemute - 11-28-2020, 02:04 PM

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