Thorough Overview of Mobian on Pinephone as Main Driver
I can't use voice or SMS at home, because all we have is CDMA voice service here in rural Idaho (no VoLTE service) but I guess the main thing lacking in Mobian as a daily driver for me is a usable email client. LTE data actually works where I live too, so I could use my phone for email at home, if I had a capable email client.

I need IMAP (or POP3) but I can't get IMAP to work in Geary, because it can't connect to the IMAP server during setup. The mail account has always worked with other Linux desktop distros using Thunderbird and Evolution. Maybe I just need to figure out what Geary config file needs editing, but the Geary GUI configuration doesn't work for me.

Geary does work with my Gmail and MS Live accounts, but I don't use them as anything but spam buckets. It doesn't work with Yahoo mail either (though, like Gmail and MS Live, I rarely use Yahoo mail). I found some online Yahoo mail troubleshooting discussions that raised my suspicions that Yahoo is creating the problem by blocking  email clients it deems insufficiently secure.

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RE: Thorough Overview of Mobian on Pinephone as Main Driver - by calinb - 12-08-2020, 12:24 AM

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