Bricked Pinetab?
(11-27-2020, 10:14 AM)my3ke Wrote: I updated my SD card via apt and all was well.  It's running Mobian and the emmc is UB Touch.  Rebooted the critter and all is dark.  I can hear some noises in the tab if I put my ear to it, and can power it down so it is quiet, but when I power it up, no display and the keyboard doesn't light up anymore.

So I removed my SD card to use Touch and it also doesn't respond!  That doesn't make sense.

So is there a procedure to restore the emmc to it's original settings, or at least to get Mobian working on the SD card again so I can use it once again?


It sounds as if you need to completely power it off. Remove the SD card - See if it reboots

If that has not helped and you can still boot off neither you may need to reflash your device as I doubt it is broken - I have had the same issue (sadly far too often) 

Download Jumpdrive here:

Flash it using the instructions here on to a small sdcard:

When you then flash the sd card in your pinetab it will be visible when connected to a pc (and importantly flashable!)

Download a newer Ubuntu Touch pinetab image (the wiki link is old - I will try to update it today) from here :

(The old links look deprecated

If you use Ubuntu you can reflash the device quite easily with the Disks programme to restore the Ubuntu Pinetab image directly onto your emmc.

That will at least get your pinetab back up as you had it - like new!
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