PBP Not Charging
Since getting my pbp a few months ago it has occasionally failed to start up due to an unexpected empty battery. This has been regardless of the level of charge on the last shutdown and often even occurred while plugged in for topping up. So far, the remedy has been to let it continued charging for a day or so.
Happened again a few days ago but now it won't charge at all and can't even be started, despite being plugged in and charging that whole time. Pressing the start button (whether it's plugged in or not) lights up the amber LED, sometimes goes to green, as normal... but then turns off. It once got to the login screen, showed the battery at 0%, and died.
Up till now the battery, once charged, has had decent life, so it's probably not a bad battery. Although I don't think I've ever seen it at more than 60-70% regardless of the time it's been on the charger.

Any thoughts?

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