Safest way to send shutdown signal to headless Rock64 SMB server?
I'm in the midst of setting up one of the extremely cheap but amazing deals on the Iconikal RK3328 boards recently sold on Amazon for 13 bucks, and I'm setting mine up as a tiny SMB server to host ISOs from an external HD to my Playstation 2.  I've been going back and forth between the idea of using OMV or just setting up a manual SMB share, but no matter which option I choose I still need a way to safely power down the device when it's not in use.  I know these boards have reset and power buttons on them, but considering the only case I could find for my board was a $6 AmeriDroid case, the power and reset buttons are extremely recessed.  I know you can hold the power button to kill power to the board, but if I fashion some sort of power button that reaches the onboard switch if I just press it once will that send the halt signals to the board and start the shutdown process?  This is my first SBC with a dedicated power button and I'm not used to having one handy, and since my main OS is stored on eMMC the last thing I want to do is to have to reprogram the module every time something craps up after being improperly shutdown.  Thanks.

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Safest way to send shutdown signal to headless Rock64 SMB server? - by bmurphr1 - 11-22-2020, 11:25 PM

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