Rock64 as a router (OpenWRT,etc)
Hello. Long time lurker, first time poster here. A while ago I decided to use Pine64 boards for a few projects I have, however choosing the board for one of them is giving me a headache.

I need a board to use as a router/bridge, to grab internet from Wi-Fi and pass it via cable to an ethernet switch. Ideally, it would be low power, reasonably priced, minimum firmware blobs and compatible with an OS like OpenWRT (in order to have a web interface for making configurations).

Here's the scheme:

(((Wi-Fi)))   (((ext.Antenna ----- USB_WiFi_card ----- SBC ---- RJ45 ----- switch ----- (...)other_devices

I immediately set my eye on a Rock64 1GB for the low price, USB3 and because it's a great board for reusing as a media center/TV box if needed. However, I realized today that there is no OpenWRT or similar OS available for it.

I checked compatible boards in OpenWRT site and from Pine64 they have PINE A64+ and RockPro64. RockPro is great, but overkill for the purpose (probably more power hungry and more than double the price), and A64+ doesn't have USB3.0 and seams to have less value has a media box.

Searching through the hardware list, I also found the many Nano Pi, from . They all have compatibility with OpenWRT (or their own fork called friendlyWRT), use Allwinner or Rockchip SoCs and are not too expensive. I'd rather buy from pine, but I'm considering the option.

1. One of the Nano Pi 's uses an RK3328, similarly to the Rock64. Couldn't the firmware be used to build friendlyWRT for Rock64? Perhaps even without modifications? Huh  (link)

2. Is it me or are all these Nano Pi wasting their potential? They seam to have SoCs with capable GPUs, but no video-out whatsoever. The GPU just sits there idle and unusable?

3. Has anyone managed to use Rock64 as a router in some way?

4. Do you think the PINE A64+ 1GB would be better for the job?

Thanks in advance for any help

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