(06-01-2016, 09:40 AM)benpope81 Wrote:
(05-31-2016, 11:59 PM)UnixOutlaw Wrote: Generally dissatisfied with EVERYTHING about Pine64.  Hardware (bowed "warp" on both 2GB Pine64 boards), software and this forum.

Nothing works...   

No Bluetooth working in Linux or Android (i.e. with the "stock" Pine supplied Wifi/BT module-cum-hat).

Only ONE single build of any Operating System for the "stock" LCD Touchpanel (and no root) that Pine sells - and that is Android (which I really have no use for).

Has anyone here read "The Cathedral and the Bazaar"...   This forum doesn't fit either model, in fact I'd use the example "The Cathedral, the Bazaar and the Refugee Camp Run-by-some-inept-organization"...

The "documentation" is a hideous tangled chaotic nightmare...

C'mon people - I had no idea that kickstarter pledge rewards were for Alpha testing of pre-beta hardware and Alpha software!

I might just start swearing again till I'm banned - I get no help in here anyway...

I don't tend to remember who posted what and when, but in general, whilst appealing to those that can help, I would suggest clearly describing your desire, what you've tried, and specific problems you've encountered (in order of importance).

Whinging is a great way to distance yourself from a techie.

On here you are not talking to the Pine64 org, you are talking to a community of enthusiastic volunteers who can help. Know your audience.
If I sound whiny, it's because my expectations have been built up, and it seems my expectations were too high.

This is what I want :

Linux support for the "stock" LCD Touchpanel
Linux and/or android support for the "stock" Wifi/BT module (i.e. working bluetooth)

Other things?  A "dd" image of the Android Lollipop build for LCD Touchpanel
An Android Lollipop build for the LCD Touchpanel with root.

Linux support for the Bluetooth module in the "stock" Pine supplied Wifi/BT module...

There's just so much that's half-arsed - I'd no idea I was an alpha tester of a pre-beta product...

If Pine64 is a "Super Computer" - then this REALLY is Superman :
[Image: fat+superman+04.jpg]

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