Update bootlogo and pinetime-app with OTA/DFU
(11-22-2020, 04:58 AM)JF002 Wrote: Boot logo
The bootloader fetches the boot logo from the external SPI memory. It does not support PNG or any compressed format. The byte array must contain a raw bitmap of RGB565 pixels (115200 bytes). I recommend you use this converter tool fro lvgl to convert your picture into a byte array.
Then, you need to actually flash it in this external SPI flash memory. You're right, pinetime-graphics is the tool you should use but... It is not designed to be flashed and run by the bootloader. The only way to use this tool is to flash it using a SWD flasher, run it, and then re-flash the bootloader and InfiniTime (yes, pinetime-graphics will overwrite the bootloader and the firmware).

Recent versions of wasp-reloader will also write a boot logo although it's not really designed to be user modifiable... it is simply to put back a logo when switching from wasp-bootloader to mcuboot. If you try a more recent build you will see this behavior:

If will program this graphic, which was chosen because this version of the logo is reasonably elegant but it compresses down to less than 800 bytes which means I can easily fit it into the reloader images):
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