Update bootlogo and pinetime-app with OTA/DFU
Hello everybody,
I am already 4 days new proud owner of PineTime Wink . After some playing with firmware updates, flashing wasp-os and solving bug with hanging bootloader in version 0.8.2, I finally have my PineTime updated to InfiniTime 0.9.0 - I used binary packages from https://github.com/daniel-thompson/wasp-.../350930611 (for other newbies like me: you can download it after logging into github...) which I found on this great video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=lPasAt1LJmo

After that, I started to try changing boot image and to compile my own Infinitime binary - for this first try only with changed day and month names to my native language (czech). And I'm hanging already 2 days on uploading new firmware, which seems to be uploaded correctly, but make no changes on my PineTime  Angry .

I surely don't want to use SWD cable connection, when there is working OTA way with nRF Connect - I don't have JTAG programmer, but for the worst case I can use my Raspberry Pi, but I thing, that it will be more pain, than with DFU.

Can somebody of you help me with this way? I will be glad to write than some beginners tutorial into wiki, to help others make this first step...

My (not working) way:
1) I'm using Ubuntu 20.04 PC and Android Phone, PineTime from last batch with opened flash and firmware as written above.
2) used tutorials are https://github.com/JF002/Pinetime/blob/m.../README.md and https://github.com/JF002/Pinetime/blob/d...Program.md (and many others :-))
3) compiler is package arm-none-eabi from Ubuntu 20.04 repository, nRF-SDK is installed is copied (unzipped) into my home directory, last version SDK_17.0.2_d674dde
4) image is converted using https://www.digole.com/tools/PicturetoC_...verter.php - PNG, 240x240px, changed only hex data in file  bootloader/boot_graphics.h
5) changed constants of day and month names in file src/libs/lvgl/src/lv_objx/lv_calendar.c
6) on root of git data directory: cmake -DNRF5_SDK_PATH=/home/lookin/sandbox/nRF5_SDK_17.0.2_d674dde/ -DUSE_JLINK=0 -DARM_NONE_EABI_TOOLCHAIN_PATH=/usr/ -DUSE_OPENOCD=1
7) on the same directory "make -j" - everything compiled ok
8) mcuboot/scripts/imgtool.py create --align 4 --version 1.0.0 --header-size 32 --slot-size 475136 --pad-header src/pinetime-app-0.9.0.bin imageA.bin
9) mcuboot/scripts/imgtool.py create --align 4 --version 1.0.0 --header-size 32 --slot-size 475136 --pad-header src/pinetime-graphics-0.9.0.bin imageB.bin
10) ~/.local/bin/adafruit-nrfutil dfu genpkg --dev-type 0x0052 --application imageA.bin dfu-imgA.zip
11) ~/.local/bin/adafruit-nrfutil dfu genpkg --dev-type 0x0052 --application imageB.bin dfu-imgB.zip
12) with nRF Connect I upload boot image: dfu-imgB.zip - everything is ok, 100 % pass, "image ok", PineTime is rebooting and starts with old "PineTime" picture  Dodgy
13) also imageA.zip is completly loaded, after "image ok" label is device rebooting, hangs for a while on PineTime logo reboots once more and start old app...

I will be thankfull for all ideas, what am I doing wrong...

Hae a nice day

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