Main Board Swap: Camera connector problems
Hoping there is someone that can shed some light on these connectors for the cameras. I popped off the hinge (on a braveheart edition) to remove the ribbon connector, but I'm having problems getting it to clamp back down on the new main board revision.

In the video with Martign Braam installing a new board, he conveniently has the cameras preinstalled yet this is the part that I'm having the only problems with, and of course that is the part the factory did for him (probably because it's a pain).

They appear to be just hinged and not the ones you have to flip then slide it in to lock but I'm putting a lot of force and it has started to flake off some of the plastic so I'm afraid of going further.

Video for reference:

Looks like the camera connector will not have an audible click when it is pivoted down. After pushing the ribbon all the way in (make sure to do this) with the clamp up, begin to push the clamp part down and it will cause a "ratchet" motion when you reach about 45 degrees with the clamp. After which it will continue to push the ribbon down without snapping into place and it will impart pressure down to keep the ribbon connected... at least that is what I'm guessing as i haven't been able to get mine to turn on. My board might be DOA. I'm not getting the screen on yet with the factory image still on there or the jumpdrive image loaded onto an SD card. Anyone else have a dead replacement board?

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