emmc vs NVMe real-world performances
(11-14-2020, 02:44 PM)kuleszdl Wrote: Hi, personally I opted against this since most NVMe drives consumes quite a lot of energy compared to the eMMC flash. Of course, you will get much higher throughput (around 800 MB/s compared to around 100 MB/s from the eMMC - measured on the rockpro64 that has the same SoC) but at the cost of heat and battery life.

If you do some heavy lifting and need more performance it's worth thinking about it. However, if you just want to use your PBP for browsing the internet and the like and don't need more storage either, personally, I wouldn't consider it.

I didn't opt for a NMVe driver right away for the same reasons you mention. Currently I am making very light use of my PBP, but I had a mind of using it for something more intense, such as programming/compiling. I suspect compilation is fundamentally CPU-bounded, and faster memory would not help with that. Am I correct?

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