PineTime Simulation Feature

I just started a PineTime developing project for college. I am quite new to programming and just kind of got thrown into that project without any help available, which means I am still quite lost at the moment.
I will get a physical PineTime to run my code on, but until then I read on the wiki FAQ that you can preview watch faces thanks to WebAssembly.

I followed every step on this site, which was linked to on the wiki: I forked the Pinetime repo and created the Github workflow as instructed. However, the action failed with following error every time it ran:

cp: cannot stat 'src/DisplayApp/Screens/Clock.cpp': No such file or directory

I tried to google that but did not get any wiser. What is the problem? The directory that the path above is pointing to is in my repo, there is no doubt about that (except that every directory actually starts with a lowercase letter, but I do not suppose that this is relevant?). So why was it not found?

Thanks in advance for any help

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