How Do I Close Dialogs and Menus???
I hope I don't sound idiotic asking this - I come from a desktop background. My new Pinephone has Manjaro CE (doesn't say if it's Phosh or what, but it's based on Gnome). When I open a dialog box, like for example on the Calculator application opening the menu on the top right and pressing About Calculator, what's the proper way to just close the dialog box?

The Calculator's not the only example, see About Chats on the Chats menu and other dialogs as well, not just the About boxes. They don't have a close button, so is there some magic touch gesture I'm supposed to know about to make them go away? Normally with this kind of thing you'd expect to just click elsewhere on the parent application window and it would close automatically but that doesn't work on the Pinephone. Sad  So what's the deal with this, is it just a design flaw that the devs haven't had time to work on yet, a bug, or is there just some easy way to close the dialogs that I don't know?

I have a very similar problem on Firefox. If I long-press on a web page to open the menu, and then I decide I didn't want the menu, how do I make the menu go away? If I tap elsewhere on the browser window the menu still stays there, which I think is wrong. I end up having to choose something to click on like Select All, even though I don't want to, just to make it go away. The same problem occurs with Firefox's hamburger menu as well.

My current workaround for the dialog box problem, as mentioned in my other thread, is to tap the arrow at the bottom of the screen to bring up the window switcher and then use that to close the dialog. Unfortunately this isn't always possible. For example, I had to reboot the phone today after I put Firefox in fullscreen mode. When I did that, there were no buttons on the screen to switch tasks or active the on-screen keyboard (I tried the power button to lock and unlock the phone but I don't know if that would have helped as that time the endless lock screens bug got me!).

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