Latest PinePhone CE Manjaro - Charging issues: hardware or software?
Hello everybody,

In regarding to what I have mentioned in my main "report" (here:

There seem to be another issue concerning battery / charge.

When my PinePhone is sited on my desk charging, and I do not touch it for long periods of time, it appears to be that the charging sequence is somehow stopped or disconnected, even when the device battery did not reach a full charge.

Why do I think so? well, everytime the phone is left charging but untouched, I come over, press the power key to bring the screen on, unlock, than have a quick look at the battery indicator, which is not charging (it was charging an hour before, when I have plugged-in the device), also the battery icon shows the normal state (not charging) - then I need to unplug the charging cable, and plug it in again - to get the "charging" status back on.

Is this a hardware problem? or a software problem? I am not sure.

But now I understand why after 10+ hours at night of being connected to the charger, my device did not reach a full charge.

Any informative input would be highly appreciated.

Have a nice day you all  Cool

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Latest PinePhone CE Manjaro - Charging issues: hardware or software? - by kern707 - 11-10-2020, 06:07 AM

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