[12.11.20 Update] Latest PinePhone CE Manjaro - Device Arrival & Initial Tests Thread
(11-10-2020, 02:06 AM)kern707 Wrote: Yes, power management seem to be a major issue, please refer to the last update I wrote on my original upper post about the power drain of my PinePhone at night, while the modem was (probably) in sleep mode and the charger constantly plugged-in, I woke up in the morning expecting a full charge of the battery, that was not the case - almost like a ghost was fiddling around with my phone as I was sleeping  Big Grin

* My assumption is that this is a power management issue, and not a charger or a charging block issue - since the phone is constantly losing charge even while connected through the night to a charger and sitting still on a desk with the screen turned off and nobody touching the phone, which is very strange.

My own experience so far is that: A. the phone's very power hungry, and B. it charges up very well provided the charger can supply enough current to exceed what the phone's using at that time.

I started off trying to charge it up from my PC's USB port while I was mucking around with the phone, with WiFi enabled, and looking at the Power Supply application Status I could see it was barely able to increase the charge (often going down to about, say, 0.15W). The PC USB port does a better job for charging if you just switch the phone off completely and leave it plugged in to that.

I don't know about your Apple charger but I've got a USB mains adapter that's rated up to 2 amps output and since I plugged the PinePhone into that today it's been charging much better. Right now it's up to 99%, Status: Charging (0.61W), Current limit 1.5A. It definitely helps that I've disabled mobile, WiFi and Bluetooth while I'm doing this.

I'm a kind of antisocial weirdo so I tend to leave mobile disabled most of the time unless I'm expecting a call, so if you're leaving mobile enabled overnight when you want to charge up the phone I wonder if that's why it's not charging so well. It will use up a lot of power. I'm not talking about just relying on the modem going to sleep by itself, I mean actually disabling it through the UI.

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