[12.11.20 Update] Latest PinePhone CE Manjaro - Device Arrival & Initial Tests Thread
(11-09-2020, 10:35 AM)bcnaz Wrote: Very good, descriptive review kern707,

As far as the battery status, please note the charge displayed by each different operating system can show a different percent, and the rate of charge and rate of discharge can vary with each different distro, or even with an update to one distro.

It is great we can compare our notes on this forum, though even with the same identical device we may not all get identical results.

Wifi is an important item in todays phones, but how the phone interacts with our home routers can vary by brand, and individual programming.

In some of my testing I found my laptop was much faster browsing, surfing the internet while using the phones hot spot, than the phones own
browser was, - while both were tested using the phones data connection.

With the sim card and carrier testing,,  Not only does that vary from one carrier to another, but even from one NVMO, to another.
Some sim cards automatically load the APN information for you, some do not.

Some forum members have complained about terrible audio,  while for me even being slightly hard of hearing,  I have not had terrible audio.
Rather, for me, the audio does work,  or it does not work. * (Some DO 'sound' better than others)

I have never heard a buzz or a whine from any of my Pine phones. (Yet)

  Of my Pine phone collection, one Brave Heart, three Post Market, one Manjaro phone, I have tried multiple operating systems and many
different releases of each.

Thank you for your fine post,  I just wanted to add my own 2 cents.

Thank you for your notes :-)

I have updated my original post now that I have my SIM card in the PinePhone, with additional information (so far I am pleased, since my SIM card was recognized and connected to the cellular network, and I was able to make calls  Smile )

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