Kalliope Voice Assistant on Mobian
And I have successfully built on Arch and Manjaro.

# load system python libraries
pacman -S python-gitpython python-pyaml python-pyaudio python-six python-markupsafe python-pyasn1 python-ansible
pacman -S python-jinja python-flask python-requests python-httpretty python-mock python-packaging python-sounddevice
pacman -S python-paho-mqtt python-gevent

The Arch package svox-pico-bin has not been ported to aarch64 yet. So I hacked the Debian versions to fit.
Grab the Debian aarch64 library packages from https://packages.debian.org/bullseye/all/

I did the following on an x86 Arch machine as I have not built debtap on aarch64
debtap each package. During the build edit each package name and remove the "-git" from it
Additionally, while editing the build file for libttspico0 change aarch64/gnu/linux/glibc to just glibc
pacman -U the files produced by debtap. The order matters, first data, then the lib, then utils
The library files will be in /usr/lib/aarch64-gnu-linux. Move them to /usr/lib

sudo pacman -U ./libttspico-data-
sudo pacman -U ./libttspico0-
sudo pacman -U ./libttspico-utils-

sudo cp /usr/lib/aarch64-gnu-linux/libttspico* /usr/lib
sudo pip install precise_runner
sudo pip install kalliope    (wait, it is a 1 hour build now, down from 3 Smile
get the starter kit for your language

kalliope install --git-url https://github.com/corus87/kalliope_trigger_precise.git

Configure and .....

"Yes Boss"
"Phone Jim"
"Calling Jim"

Working on integrating location, so that queries like "tell me where the closest something is" will work.

Since I have Kalliope working on Arch/Manjaro I am dropping the Mobian work. I really don't want to but too many of the libraries in Debian are archaic, to put it politely, and  not suitable for a bleeding edge (amputee ward?) system like the Pinephone.


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