Kalliope Voice Assistant on Mobian
Working phone call neuron. Add to the brains directory as phone.yml

- name: "make_phonecall"
  - order: "phone {{ person }}"
  - say:
      message: "Calling {{ person }}"
  - shell:
      cmd: "gnome-calls --dial {{ contacts[person] }}"
      async: TRUE

Currently the contact phone numbers are manually stored within Kalliope. Next is to query gnome-contacts or evolution for the phone numbers. Please note that the only data sent to google are the phonic representation of "phone" and the phonic representation of "person."

The biggest issue right now is the wakeword detector runs 100% of the time. Not a problem as a desktop hosted service. I have hacked a shutdown after 60 seconds of inactivity but it is irritating to have to wait for the application to load and restart. Talking to the kalliope devs about various ideas.


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