Problem with EMMC bootup and detection
(11-06-2020, 01:47 AM)khantheengr Wrote: Hello guys,
I have recently bought PINEA64-lts boards with EMMC modules of 16gb. I am having trouble interfacing them now. When I burn any image on EMMC ( I have tried several), it dosen't boot from EMMC. The same image when I burn onto SD card,  it starts booting. When only EMMC is inserted PINE64 shows black screen and there is no sign of booting process. Can you please help me out.

I have also tried auyfan's image on SD card. and when I insert EMMC onto PINEA64-lts and check EMMC status, it gets detected with uenv.txt "mmc_compact=on". But when i burn the same image on EMMC and repeat all of above process, boot process does not start.

I am using pine64 usb programmer to program the emmc modules. and i ordered everything from the pine64 official site. EMMC has FORESEE 16 GB IC on it.

When i plugin emmc module in laptop using programmer, it always gets detected and there is no problem in programming the EMMC module.

I am newbie here, hope you guys will guide me well.... Thanks in advacnce

On Pine A64-LTS board, teh SD boot has higher priority than eMMC, please make sure there is no bootable OS build microSD card in microSD slot.

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