Batteries without thermostat
(05-29-2016, 01:30 AM)MrWizerd Wrote: So either a thermistor or 10kΩ resister from pin 2 to ground then is my understanding?

Yup that worked, got a thermistor I salvaged out of some such thing and slapped it on pin two to ground and Ubuntu recognized it immedeatly.   Now lets see if it is too dischaged to be recharged, or if it will grace me with some charge!  Ubuntu says it is charging, I don't currently have an amp meter on the unit.  I need to build a 5.5mm female to 5.5mm male bypass to connect my DMM inline with the positive connector so I can monitor current if I want to...  Another project WEEE!!!!! Smile THANKS AGAIN @tllim

So before I connected it the battery read 2.8v when I connected it to the pine Ubuntu read 2.8v and now it is showing 3.1v still not registering any percentage full, but that is defenantly promising.  The charger I have for my R/C car wont charge lipo batteries under a certian voltage threashold, and 2.8 of 3.7 triggered the low voltage warning so it wouldn't charge there.   But it seems to be here, I suspect once it gets back up to 3.7ish volts it will start registering as having some capacity charged.  I will still be buying an official battery when they are released, but this will justify my buying the touch screen since I can use it with this tiny 3000mA/h battery to go back and forth between my room.  So I will order up one next week and then when it arrives attmept to make a lego case to hold it till the ABS tablet cases are availbile on the store.  SO excited! As I was writing this it ticked to 1% WOOT!  Verification of charge! Again thanks tllim, I knew I was missing something simple to get it going, just wish that the schematic note was more helpful.  But forum is second best with a reply in less than a day so I am not complaining at all.
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what is the cut off voltage of the battery in Pine A64 Ubuntu 16.04?

Need help on the battery cut off voltage

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