How easy is it to add donor keyboard and trackpad?
(11-11-2020, 10:23 AM)ENV Wrote: I mean if I happen to find ones that fit size-wise? Do they use standard connectors? Will it work plug and play or some basic mapping? Or will it require making difficult changes to more low level stuff like the bios?

It will almost certainly require a lot of modifications to work: First of all, if you find one that happens to be the correct size and has mounting holes of the correct size and position, the connector will most likely be different. There are not really any standards for internal keyboard connectors (afaik) so manufacturers usually just make one up. Then the keyboard controller in the PBP talks to the keyboard via I2C and it's unlikely any keyboard you find uses the same protocol (though I guess it'd technically be possible to write an entire new firmware for that controller to work with a different keyboard).

That's just what I could come up in my head right now but it basically boils down to: It's technically possible to use a different keyboard but it'd require a huge amount of work to make it functional.

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