Opinions wanted : "Best out of the Box" OS at this time
(11-11-2020, 10:57 AM)Lousy Fisherman Wrote: Dare I hope? Mobian October 5th, apt-get update/upgrade November 10, 2300UTC.

In 18 hours the phone has woken up perfectly every time and sound works very well. There is less than 15 seconds between the call initiation and the phone waking up. I have not booted since right after the update, I have tested sleep periods of 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, 8.5 hours. USB connected or not makes no difference. Power notifications and information is much more reliable. All notifications are much more reliable. All SMS messages are received, the notification sound is very faint.

The one compromise? Turn WIFI off! I do not know why, but when sleeping and a call comes in the phone feels the need to open WIFI first. This delay is often (usually?) enough to cause a missed call.

If testing continues like this I have a daily driver!!!
Very impressive thank you


(11-11-2020, 11:55 PM)Lousy Fisherman Wrote: Thank you for the warning,  I have been doing more testing. WIFI and Bluetooth off at the software level. Mobian apt updated to last nightWhen USB is connected screen suspend is flaky, When the screen does not suspend properly gnome-calls responds 100% of the time.  There is no mobile data at any time, even immediately after boot

Test is an incoming call any time after the phone enters suspend after 5 minutes. The time slept appears to make no difference.

100% of the time the phone wakes up,  (pick-a-number < 100% hours running) gnome-calls will present a UI to answer.
My best pick-a-number is over 18 hours.My worst? Less than six minutes Sad Min time to sleep is 5 min.

Problem re-occurs 100% after the first time. so, the click VOIP phone on desktop, wait for the phone to wake, immediately login, but gnome-calls is not up. Manually opening gnome-calls results in a  red bar stating modem not available. The network provider is configured to forward to a remote on failure, and as soon as that happens, gnome-calls changes and says the modem is fine and available. So, after the phone wakes up, between light the screen and start gnome-calls the process goes sideways, sometimes. Tongue

The following is quote from a person who was middle aged (40?) when I was young. Which was a long time ago, lol

> The bad thing about hardware is that it sometimes works and it sometimes doesn't.

> The good thing about software is that it's consistent: it always does not work, and it always does not work in exactly the same way.

Thanks to all who contribute



Hi LF, I believe I'm currently looking for a similar setup as yours. We're prepared to buy a few PinePhones as long as we can get VoIP working in some manner. We don't want to use the internal quectel card but will connect to the internet via wifi or other possible means that I may be unaware of (not bluetooth as its not secure). Just wanted to double check that you're currently using Mobian and what app for VOIP? Also what is your external PTSN telephone number provider? I've had great success with twilio and Zoiper app on android and ios but want to get away from closed source systems. Do you think I could still make Twilio work or do you recommend another provider?

Thank you

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