Any chance of a different sensor option for revised cube?
(10-19-2020, 04:28 PM)monty1 Wrote: The ov5640 series is a pretty well known sensor but it's not a great one.  There's obviously other choices like the sony imx179/166, but even the ov4680 series would be a better choice (higher framerates to match the S3's capabilities, hdr options, slightly larger pixels). 

I'm looking forward to playing with my cube when it arrives, and hoping you find a way to make an even better one for the future.  

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I agree Monty1, for future versions of Pinecube it would be wise to have a more robust sensor.This camera's specification page claims to use OV 4689 sensor (up to 2688 x1520: 90fps). Despite it's 4MP, images are crisp and clear even at night time, not to mention fast moving objects are captured clearly.
Thus far on my Pinecube I'm unable to get close to unavi's picture quality or even get past 640x480 15fps without errors. I'm confident that as the software matures we will be able to move past this, but the sensor it's self will be the limitation.

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