Tutorial: Run Debian off NVMe
That is parameters that are set before uboot is compiled
strings u-boot.img OR uboot,img will show about 4-5 pages of things inside uboot
Usually, not all that useful
the grep is for boot_targets, which is uboot search order
To change, you will have to compile uboot yourself
(BTW,, mmc1=SD,,,mmc0=emmc)
I have been looking, maybe there is a trick to "chain" extlinux.conf's, so far no
Other than renaming,, ie extlinux.conf ->extlinux.conf.bak,, that works (or rather, doesn't, ie won't find this one)
Just what are you trying to do? Get a selector?
If so, the only one, so far, is samueldr's uboot, needs a patched kernel (until 5.9, patch will be mainline)
It does sort of work, 2-6 boot attempts needed, so can take a few minutes (this with unpatched kernel)

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