Random but persistent imperfections
Thank you all for your input. I have wanted to reply properly but many little "paper cuts"-like setbacks are peventing me. Please accept my apologies.

@cybercow , @bitnick , regarding Skype: I was trying to get it for one instance where that was the only way to reach someone. The situation resolved, and i will go back to Skype-less status because i have a double grudge Microsoft's taking over and destroying Nokia and Skype. i will certainly take a look at jami. Thanks!When they try to make me use something i don't like i resent feeling they are ganging up on users. (i.e.that you have to use Chrome to use Skype on the Web, when Chrome was such haven for popups
So, yes, hope true open source wins.

@bcnaz, downloading modem manager did help trouble shooting that problem with not receiving incoming sms but i have had to use the command line for finding and deleting the troublesome large mms. my GUI version didn't always work, depending on the update versions.
Thanks for the note about Pinhole Camera vs Megapixel. Gives me hope.

@ThrillGates , Thanks for the tip on Box86. It looked like though, that i have to have some element of 32 bit in the mix to use it?

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