Random but persistent imperfections
I have been using my UBPort CE Pine Phone on Mobian as my daily driver since mid September. I'm with T-mobile in the US. My Pine Phone always boots up to full bars, 4G.  While the data for getting online still needs rebooting from time to time, I've not have to use my back up phone for a while. I am forever amazed at the Mobian team for keeping up the good work. I have learned a few things, like never rebooting with the phone charging cable plugged in, or never covering/obscuring the top portion of the phone while not on the phone, or always making sure data is working before doing the update/upgrade....Happy to be able to learn from my mistakes.

On my end, I feel not too well-versed in how to customize my phone.  For some reason, none of the Software Store apps work. I mean, they would install, but would not start up. (and then Software Store will complain that such and such cannot be used).  Then I tried to get Skype to work, and I ventured off and installed Snapd. I was able to download skype classic.  Then while installing, it said that the software is not for arm64 structure. I'm confused as far as what exactly I can use. Am I wrong in assuming that something .deb is compatible with the Pine phone? Is there a workaround I need to learn?

Also, is it possible to go back to Camera until Megapixel works? With Camera I had decent picture quality, AND i could do video.  Now I cannot do video at all.  At times it's necessary to have a video camera in the phone. 

Switching between headphone (wired) and regular phone didn't seem possible without rebooting in between, which is not ideal , as it potentially interrupts a phone call.  Is there something I can do about that?

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Random but persistent imperfections - by HLing - 10-16-2020, 04:45 PM

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