Latest firmware for PinePhone modem!
(11-03-2020, 07:49 AM)firefox-58 Wrote:
(11-03-2020, 05:53 AM)Ph42oN Wrote: I decided to try installing this in hopes of fixing modem issues (in fact i did it couple of weeks ago), but it did not. I cannot tell if it helps for that thing many others say, missing calls, because i never tried calls so much, but the issue of losing mobile data after waking up from sleep is still present.


absolutely no change on the problem of

- not receiving incoming calls
- losing mobile connection after wakeup
- modem completely without function after wakeup

Since weeks NO reliable incoming calls :-(

I have far less problem than you, I think, after wakeup. For sure occasionally things need a reboot. But for whatever reason I learned a long time ago that my wakeup routine must be
  1. push powerbutton
  2. wait till phone signal strength (and wifi if enabled) icons appear and get status on lock screen
  3. then scroll up phosh unlock screen and unlock
Otherwise I get the "dreaded" no data icon in the status bar and have yet to find a reliable cure for it except reboot. (It will also cure if WiFi was off, you enable it and it connects but that depends on being in a WiFi area.)

Similarly I receive all the incoming calls I expect and have had no moans from any contacts. I do receive few calls though - less than 1/day. But I do have a ritual after every reboot to go to Settings, Sound, and test both channels, then flick the bottom of the phone and check the mic signal meter moves. About half of the time the settings application crashes before completing all 3 steps - retry the Settings application as necessary. Often times it auto swaps to a Ping rather than "Front left" - in which case playing with the Phone/default option may recover things, or a reboot or a ...
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