Using different SoC for products?
(10-11-2020, 03:00 AM)Theguyuk Wrote: Hello 

Has Pine64 considered supporting more SoC additional to Allwinner and Rockchip?  I understand you support open software and hardware.

Would consider Amlogic S905Y2, S905X3,, S922X SoC and making Pinephone, Pineebook development boards based on Amlogic, so software could be worked on?



Amlogic SoC only suitable for media player type application due to lacking LCD interface and battery power management capability (not suitable for PinePhone and Pinebook).

We also don't want to introduce too many different brand SoC and this potential spread ourselves too thin. Lets assure that from time to time, we will modernize the PINE64 SoC.

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