Persistently mount SD card?
I have Mobian installed on my eMMC and use a 128GB SD card to store my music collection. Unfortunately I've had troubles with various music players "losing" my music library after a while and having to re-scan or re-build it when I open the app after a few days (which can take quite a while). I believe I read somewhere that Mobian only mounts the SD card when it's needed, rather than keeping it persistently mounted, and I'm guessing this may be behind my problem.

I've read about the option to mount the SD card as an extended home directory in the tweaks section of the Mobian wiki, but I'm not sure I want to wipe my SD card and follow those directions just to see if this fixes my music problem. Does anyone know if there's a way to persistently mount an SD card without wiping it and setting it as the home directory? Or is this even something I'd want to do? Presumably there's a reason the card isn't persistently mounted in the "stock" Mobian installation. Any thoughts on the matter would be appreciated.

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