RockPro64 has bad Memory (Software sogfaults and kernel panics)

I just purchased a rockpro64, and I am having some very odd issues with it:

- I attempted to install the Debian official image twice, and I caused it to kernel panic with the official image.

- I also attempted to use Armbian, and when I tried to update it, I got a segmentation fault on dpkg.

I have looked around and I have not seen anyone complain about these issues.


This is caused bybad memory. I ran as root on Armbian minimal install:

#memtester 3400M 1

It is on Rockpro64 V2.1 2018-07-02, 4GB variant, date code 4719

Pine64 has get to RMA my device despite me using support and contacting sales over a week ago.

UPDATE 16 Oct:

I hate to say, I have not heard anything useful since I opened up this issue on 4 Oct. I filed a Paypal dispute in the hopes that will get them to respond. This is frankly beyond disappointing. I have been very happy with the Pinephone, and that was the reason I have the RockPro a chance over the RaspPi. This whole ordeal sours my interest in buying anything from Pine again.

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