Pinetime and P8 Integration testing framework
The wiring of the test node is the first image of my first post.

The ina219 board can be found here:

the servo is any "9g servo"

the relay is something simular to this:

for flashing, i have used in the past:
rpi gpio flashing, jlink (nrf dev board), stlinkv2, stlinkv2 (flashed with blackmagicprobe).
Currently i use the nRF52 DK as a flasher, as show in the image above.

If you want to use UART instead of RTT, then hook up rx/tx between target and RPI.

I will CAD and 3d print some mechanics to neatly hold the PCBA while being able to tilt the device and provide some kind of strain relief on the wires.

hopefully i will get some time over this week to get the "real" test nodes up and running. I am expecting my two P8 devices this week.

After my initial release, i will start to add database support (TinySQL). right now all the files are stored as filesystem files / folders. This works well and was good for single / few developers in a controlled environment. But it does not scale well.

The testscript on the node calls some "interface" files, located in the node/interface/ folder. in the past it have been ",,,,,,", when i used the .sh files, they where called in new threads, but cleanup of readSerial and readPower threads caused issues. so now i have changed to python files where i can have more flexibility.
Right now, the cleanup of JLinkRTTClient is hardcoded to a "killall JLinkRTTClient" inside the actual test node code. this should be moved to a execute and a cleanup function call inside the interface file.

The communication between testnode / testmanager / testAPI is json structures sent through TCP. most data sent is serialized as hex, (i will probably move to base64 when i get time).

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