NVMe timeout when booting from eMMC but not SD
@psstoev I think you might be right. I'm not sure which one of the U-boots you mentioned I'm using. postmarketOS packages this graphical U-boot with boot menu, which I have flashed to SPI. You can see how it looks like here: https://youtu.be/hjzNr7wnBpk?t=68

So, when I boot holding Ctrl+C to enter the u-boot menu, I can boot fine both from SD card and from eMMC, and drive is detected with no timeouts. I'm thinking the reason is that U-boot menu is displayed before u-boot probes nvme drives. So when u-boot doesn't try to interact with nvme, everything looks fine.

If, however, I don't invoke the boot menu and let u-boot go its default boot sequence, during which nvme drive is probed and detected by u-boot, then the drive is not detected in Linux.

So, looks like yes, u-boot touching nvme causes some problems for Linux.

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