Orange light no boot blues :)
>it's awfully bad that Manjaro still references the emmc even when booting from SD,
Nothing to do with manjaro, it is the rk3399 bootrom and its search order (for idbloader/uboot)
If it matters to you, blank the emmc uboot area, but then a bit hard to boot from emmc
(you need blank SD, with a uboot installed to do this, boot from emmc I mean)
This is a good way to "test" uboots, since it is forced to use the one on SD
Do not expect sleep to work well with mainline uboot, the ATF is not right (arm trusted firmware), use bsp
And there is a command, if you get timing wrong,,
echo fe330000.sdhci >/sys/bus/platform/drivers/sdhci-arasan/{un,}bind ,,, emmc switch must be in enabled position

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