Latest images from different distros failing to boot from SD card
Same issues here on my 11.6" Pinebook with 720p screen. I tried both Armbian Focal and Buster. Both get up to the second splash screen and then go dark, nothing happens after that. I usually see if the system is responding by trying out CapsLock, and then see if I can get to a terminal window with CTRL-ALT-F1 thru F12... nothing works.

Why put out an image for a distro if it doesn't even work? Unless these images are all built as part of an automated "build process" and the put out there, and no one is even checking them to see if they ACTUALLY work on hardware. Most images for the OG Pinebook are a bust. Don't work. I just want the original Xenial Mate SD2eMMC image...can't even find that anywhere now.

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RE: Latest images from different distros failing to boot from SD card - by pagesix1536 - 11-17-2020, 09:32 AM

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