Pinebook Pro- configuration aborts setting keyboard layout
Unfortunately, my Pinebook Pro remains unusable, despite the fact that I finally got it set up. There seems to be a couple different problems, and I'm not clear whether they are related.

The biggest problem seems to be with the function of the return key. When pressed, it seems to repeat. For instance, when I went to Firefox to access my home NAS, I was able to open a new tab, enter the web address and press return. However, when the login page comes up, it immediately begins logging in, despite the fact that I have not touched the keyboard since entering the web address.

More problematic, this problem has made it impossible to use the terminal as well. When I opened Konsole with the cursor, it opened without issue, waiting for my input. When I entered a sudo command and pressed RETURN, the terminal scrolled through three sudo password attempts before stopping and informing my about my three failed password attempts. On another occasion, I opened Konsole via Krunner using ALT + SPACE. I entered "konsole" into the search window and pressed RETURN. When the terminal window opened, it immediately started repeating the prompt, as if I was repeatedly pressing RETURN.

There also seems to be a problem, maybe not consistent, with the cursor randomly selecting items it passes over. I wondered if it might be a function of tap-clicking on the trackpad, but I am still having the problem when I use a USB mouse.

There is another issue that manifests as a rapid flickering, either of the cursor (in some circumstances), or of the address bar in Firefox when I attempt to click into the address of an existing tab. With the cursor, I am able to access the system settings (when something else isn't inadvertently selected). The cursor appears normal until I click in to the "input devices" setting pane, at which point it starts to rapidly flicker between the cursor, and the spinning disk of a busy system.

Any thoughts about what might be going on?

I have established that the MicroSD reader seems to work and when I restart with the card in, I get the Manjaro setup process, so I assume that I should be able to fetch a different image and try a different install if that is the best route forward to being able to use the PBP.

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