Pinebook Pro Boot Issues - Booting needs multiple attempts
I received my Pinebook Pro a week ago and three days ago I began having an issue when I turn on my machine, the orange light stays on and the OS will not boot. It normally takes between 3-5 tries on average before the computer will load the OS. The orange light will stay on for hours and nothing will happen, so it is not a matter of the machine booting slowly. I have ensured the eemc switch is flipped towards the hinge, the eemc module is properly seated, and all cabling is properly inserted. I have this issue booting from both eemc and SD card. I have also tried installing fresh OS installation s on both eemc and SD card. I have tried the plasma, xfce, and i3 versions of Manjaro, Debian, and Elementary OS, so I am ruling out there is an issue with software. I am currently using manjaro plasma as I type this from my PBP and that is what I initially started with on initial set up.

Other than this annoying issue with boot up, I am enjoying my PBP! Heart

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Pinebook Pro Boot Issues - Booting needs multiple attempts - by mtndew - 09-22-2020, 11:13 AM

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