Do I need the touchpad update?
(09-22-2020, 12:17 AM)KC9UDX Wrote: I'd say only update that firmware if you find a reason to. If you are having trouble with the touchpad, then yes.  Check your OS's mouse/touchpad settings first in any case.

I find that the touchpad operation is very highly dependant on the operating system.  Debian seems to handle it much better than Manjaro, and NetBSD does even better.

I 'think' the newer PBP's come with the 'updated firmware', but if that does not work for you, 
  you could try Jack Humbolts (not certain of the spelling) firmware update.
  Many forum members do prefer his firmware version over the Pine64 version.

I have been happy with the factory firmware on both my ISO and ANSI PBP's  but I remember seeing a
lot of posts late last year and early this year on the forum.
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